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Sierra Leone Law School

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Fees and Payment Procedure

 2021/22 Academic Year Tuition Fees


Sierra Leonean Students


Application Fee: - Le 500,000.00 (Four Hunderd Thousand Leones)

Exemption Fees: -  $60 (USD)

Registration: - Le600.000 (600,000 Thousand Leones)

Tuition: - Le 20,000,000 (Twenty Million Leones) per annum

Library: - Le 1,500,000 (One Million Five HundredThousand Leones) per annum.

Examination: - Le2,000,000 (Two Miillon Leones) per annum.

3 Dinner Fees-900,000 (Nine Hundred Thousand Leones)

Total Fees - 25,000,000 (Twenty-five Million Leones)

*Call Fees  - Le 850,000.00 (Eight Hundred and Fifty Thousand Leones). per student



Fees for Application,, Call and Exemptions are not a part of the Le25,000,000. Fees for Non- Sierra Students remain the same


Non-Sierra Leonean Students


Application Fee: - $200 U.S. Dollars (TWO Hundred USDollars)

Exemption Fees: - $60 (Sixty Dollars)

Registration: - $50. (Fifty US Dollars)

Tuition: -$5000 (Five Thousand Dollars) per annum

Library - $250 ( Two Hundred US Dollars) per annum.

Examination: -$300 (Three Hundred Dollars) per annum

Call Fees: - $500 (Five Hundred Dollars).

Total $6060 (Six Hundred and Sixty US.Dollars

Payable on successful completion of course if so desired by Private Students.





Admissions Requirements Courses and Class Schedule Application Submission

Application fees must be paid into the school's respective accounts at The Sierra Leone Commercial Bank,  Siaka Stevens Street as follows:


Sierra Leone nationals

Current Account         003001101738140191


Non-nationals (USD)

US $ Account             



The paying slip should be forwarded to the Registry.


Applicants applying online should pay direct into the US$ account #003-001-101-738050-163 (SWIFT CODE SL SLCB SL FR) and forward evidence of payment online to the school's email address:


[email protected]

Applicants for Current Academic Year.

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