Sierra Leone Law School

Sierra Leone Law School

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Board of Tutors

Since its inception the School has made do with a small body of dedicated tutors mostly drawn from the ranks of practicing barristers who until now offered their services on a part-time basis.  All tutors are automatically members of the Board of Tutors.  The current list of the Board of Tutors is as follows:-



1. Sulaiman Bah Esq., - Criminal Procedure

2. Eke. A. Halloway, Esq,. - Criminal Law Opinion Writing

3. Mohamed Pa-Momoh Fofanah - Law of Contract

4. Patrick Lambert Esq. -Law Of Tort opinion writing and Drafting

5. Hon. Justice Vivian Solomon - Equity and Trust

6. Hon. Justice Eku Roberts - Civil Procedure

7. D. D. Thompson Esq., - Legal Drafting Conveyancing Practice

8. Oladipo V. Robbin-Mason Esq., - Evidence

9. Ms. Glena Thompson – Professional Practice and Ethics




1. Joseph Fofanah Esq., - Succession & Administration of Estates

2. Sahid Mohammed Sesay Esq., - Domestic Relation – Procedure & Practice

3. Hon. Justice N. Browne-Marke  - Commercial Law Practice

4. Hon. Justice Prof. Dr.  H. M. Joko Smart- Shipping Law & Practice

5. Fredrick Carlton-Hanciles Esq., - Shipping Law & Practice




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