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Historial Background Council of Legal Education


The Director, Staff and Students of the School valued the advice given by various individuals and groups to help make the work of the School easier.  Some people also gave information about where materials and equipment could be bought more reasonably, while others donated useful items for the school.  There were also those who helped students by paying their fees.  Individual senior Barristers also allowed students to use the Libraries in their chambers and spent time talking to those

students.  Those encounters between senior Barristers and

students were appreciated.  It is hoped that this practice will continue in the future.


Examples of some of these friends are as follows:


























Another category of friends, who helped the school is as follows: The Principal F.B.C., Mr. Cyril Foray, and the Dean of the Faculty of Law Prof. Justice Dr. H.M. Joko Smart will always remember the Law School to be “Squatters” at  the Kennedy Building, Fourah Bay College.  The former Attorney-General and Minister of Justice the Honourable Dr.  Abdulai O. Conteh not only worked hard to see the School established, but gave lectures on the Law of Evidence free of charge until matters of State forcefully prevented him from giving further lectures.  He also donated a prize to be given annually and found time to give encouragement to the School.  Both he and the Solicitor-General P.P.C.  Boston Esq. upgraded the status of the Law School, from “squatters” at the Kennedy Building Fourah Bay College to “Tenants-at-will” at the Law Officers Department Guma Building.  Anyone who provides a roof over your head at a time of desperate need is your friend for life.  Therefore these two gentlemen and Ms Molly Scott-Sawyer who willingly gave up four rooms in her department to the School, are indeed “Friends for Life” of the Sierra Leone Law School.  One must also mention the patience and forbearance of the Law Officers themselves who had to put up with “these foreign bodies” for well over a year!.




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